A Parent’s Guide to kids fancy dress

There are numerous ways in which to motivate your children to be imaginative and self-confident when it comes to fancy dress. It’s a fantastic way for them to feel like they stand out, and to feel creative, and this can occur through many different means, depending on the array of options available to them. Here are the things to consider when encouraging your children to get involved.

It is important to remember that fancy dress gives children a means to ‘become’ just about anything they can think of. This allows you to interact with them; what do they want to do, who do they want to be like? The accuracy of a costume is less important, it merely needs to be accurate enough for a child to feel like that fireman or astronaut and imagination will do the rest of the work.

Because of this, the key thing to remember is to set no rules. The main aim of having kids dress up is for them to enjoy themselves and get creative. The wider range of fancy dress options available to them, the more creative they can be. Think about things like suits and lavish dresses; items of clothing far removed from what they might usually wear so as to help their imagination run wild.

This of course gives more cope for them to experiment and try different combinations of clothes out to look how they want to; depending on their mood, it allows them to express themselves more obviously.

The most important thing to remember out children’s fancy dress is that fundamentally it should have the child’s enjoyment in mind at all times. It combines well with other forms of play, and allows them to role play and interact with other children differently.