£4,000 a year to send kids to school according to new survey

What every parent already knows – the cost of uniforms, stationery, transport, lunches and day trips all adds up, leaving parents thousands of pounds out of pocket. Figures from Savoo.co.uk reveal that mums and dads spend an average of £3,978.40 a year per child on school essentials.

The research shows that the typical school uniform will set parents back £54. Books and stationery cost an average of £18 a year and sports kits will take a chunky £130 out of the household budget.  Over the typical 39-week academic year, parents will spend out a total of £366.66 on lunches, an average of £9.40 per week.

The biggest expense that parents face though is from the unmetered personal taxi service. Parentss spend a staggering £2,599.74 a year on travel costs to and from school as well as social, sporting and recreational clubs or events.

London parents fork out the most on fuel for their children, with their weekly taximeter running at £103. Nationwide, parents drive a collective 230 million miles a week to make sure their youngsters attend class and other activities outside of school.

Keeping up with children’s busy social lives is just one of the many requirements of being a parent, and footing the bill is another. Figures show that almost nine in ten children now have a mobile phone compared to just three quarters who own books.

Staying connected to friends and family with mobiles comes at a high price. Having the latest pay as you go iPhone costs £499 and one in five parents pay the monthly £20 phone bill in addition to the handset, racking up an annual total of £739.

Savoo have produced the following infographic with a lot more results from their survey

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