1500 years worth of wisdom brought together in one new book for young women

The 8th of July 2013 that sees the publication of a fascinating new book entitled ‘Dear Daughter; what I wish I’d known at your age’. Roy Sheppard, the former BBC reported and relationship expert has collected 1500 years worth of female wisdom from women of all ages and backgrounds for this book.

He has said that he wanted to write a book for all young women that would give them important, and at times critical, insights into what they can expect in adult life and how to create a happy and successful future for themselves. The book has already received pre-publication reviews of 4 and 5 stars from both daughters and mother on GoodReads.com.

What do you wish you’d known about your future life when you were a young?

Says Sheppard “We all struggle in our teenage years. But it has never been more difficult being a young person than it is today, not least because of the pressure of social media. I wanted to write a book for young women that gives them critically important insights about all aspects of adult life. I don’t have children so it’s not a parenting book. It’s a life-coaching book for young women designed to be a gift from parents and grandparents.”

Topics include: how to look after yourself, understanding your emotions, men, spotting and avoiding the dangerous ones, what you are not taught in sex education class, what you must know to be employable, things rich people know about money, how to make decisions and a lot more.

Says Sheppard “It is my hope that Dear Daughter, and the accompanying Dear Son books become a catalyst for important and meaningful conversations. To get those conversations started, the entire chapter about how to understand men, is available for free at  www.TheSensibleUncle.com.”