10th Anniversary of Oliver Jeffers’ How to Catch a Star

One upon a time there was a small boy that loved stars so much that he would watch them out of his bedroom window every night and wished upon them that one day he could have his own star.

The picture book by Oliver Jeffers’, How to Catch a Star, was a hit back in 2003 and helped launch Jeffers career as he became one of the most well known contemporary picture book authors. In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the simple gem, the book has been rereleased by HarperCollins and Oliver in a gift edition package that includes several unpublished drawings and a special introduction letter written by Oliver himself.

How to Catch a Star was first published 10 years ago. It was adored immediately, launching the now celebrated author and illustrator, Oliver Jeffers, who has gone on to win the New York Times Best Illustrated Books Award, Nestlé Smarties Book Prize, Irish Book of the Year and The Blue Peter Book of the Year.

Ten years on, How to Catch a Star’s beautiful illustrations and enchanting story have won the hearts of children all over the world. Perfect for children aged 2-7, it is a warm, poignant and humorous celebration of joyful ingenuity and the belief that anything is possible.

Out on the 27 March, How to Catch a Star is available from Amazon for £12.99