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Mar 26, 2013

National Pet Month’s ideal read for children is ‘Caught Napping’

National Pet Month's ideal read for children is 'Caught Napping'

National Pet Month’s ideal read for children is ‘Caught Napping’

National Pet Month is fast approaching and with this years theme being ‘Your Pets and You; Companions for Life’, a new detective e-book for children called ‘Caught Napping’ is the ideal read. Kids will be thrilled at the exploits of Jonathan Jinks, a teenage protagonist who is battling to beat a gang of dognappers.

Caught Napping opens in London where Louella Loudon, an actress with a very high profile, has been mugged and her pet Chihuahua stolen. This is no ordinary pet, however, as it was wearing a collar encrusted in diamonds that is worth a small fortune. The action moves to the leafy suburbs, and 18 year old Jonathan is found napping in the park, dreaming of trees and dogs.

Jonathan is a bright kid, but he is grieving for the loss of his policeman father and has not sat his exams, as he wants a career in the police rather than going to Uni. When his mother discovers this, he takes up two jobs – one in a newsagent’s and the other walking a dog called Max. When this loveable Alsatian goes missing in the woods, Jonathan finds himself drawn into the world of the dognappers and sets himself the mission of finding out who has stolen Max.

On the way, Jonathan meets a new friend, who lives on the local travellers camp and has to involve his schoolmates, Alex and Bianca, in his quest. He also tries to forge a link with the Louella Loudon case, but are his amazing instincts and gut-feelings correct, or is he barking up the wrong tree? Only the reader can find out, as the plot dramatically unfolds. Jonathan is only a kid after all – could he possibly succeed where the police have failed?

The e-book is available at Amazon, Lulu and Kobo and is priced at £4.32. It is the first in the Jonathan Jinks Mystery series and is a novel by Gianna Hartwright.



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