Not Before T-V Launched to Celebrate Young Entrepreneur’s business’s 1st Birthday

Henry and his co-presenter Bubbles

Eleven year-old Henry Patterson, founder of children’s gift brand Not Before Tea and author of The Adventures of Sherb and Pip, is celebrating his company’s first birthday with the launch of an online video channel. Not Before T-V is produced and presented by Henry, with co-presenter Bubbles the Goldfish, a character in his story books. […]

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Reflective Parenting helping you understand your child’s mind

Reflective Parenting

Reflective Parenting provides practical advice and strategies on how parents can bring meaningful change to their child’s behaviour and emotional well-being, and support their development, by adopting a more reflective style of parenting. Written by leading clinical psychologists Alistair Cooper and Sheila Redfern, Reflective Parenting is filled with practical advice to help parents form a […]

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