Not Before T-V Launched to Celebrate Young Entrepreneur’s business’s 1st Birthday

Henry and his co-presenter Bubbles

Eleven year-old Henry Patterson, founder of children’s gift brand Not Before Tea and author of The Adventures of Sherb and Pip, is celebrating his company’s first birthday with the launch of an online video channel. Not Before T-V is produced and presented by Henry, with co-presenter Bubbles the Goldfish, a character in his story books. […]

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Reflective Parenting helping you understand your child’s mind

Reflective Parenting

Reflective Parenting provides practical advice and strategies on how parents can bring meaningful change to their child’s behaviour and emotional well-being, and support their development, by adopting a more reflective style of parenting. Written by leading clinical psychologists Alistair Cooper and Sheila Redfern, Reflective Parenting is filled with practical advice to help parents form a […]

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Fun children’s learning book Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories


The Helicopter Stories approach transforms classrooms into theatres and puts the magic back into childhood. Written by Trisha Lee, the founder of MakeBelieve Arts , this practical guide explores how stories and fantasy play help young children make sense of the world. Helicopter Stories is tried, tested and proven to have a significant impact on children’s […]

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Sit ‘n’ Stroll 5 in 1 Children’s Travel Seat In UK from Triple Play Products

5 in 1 Children’s Travel Seat

Family travel is made easy this summer with the launch of a revolutionary new solution from Triple Play Products. Part car seat, part buggy, Sit ‘n’ Stroll combines five functions into one high quality product. It comes complete with EU safety certifications which makes it a must have holiday companion for any Europe bound family […]

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UT Arlington Research Shows Household Items Significant To Infant Motor Skill Development

Priscila Cacola

Toys, appliances, and even a sofa and coffee table can impact the way or when a baby first crawls, walks or achieves other growth milestones, but a new UT Arlington study finds that many parents are unaware of the significant role household items play in their infant’s motor skill development. Priscila Caçola, an assistant professor […]

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Dublin for Kids

Flights  have been cheap from the UK to Ireland now for quite some time, and if you loved the culture and vibrancy of Dublin the first time round, why not come back and share those experiences with the kids? Although Guinness is great, there’s so much more in the capital that will enthral both children […]

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To celebrate the upcoming birth of the royal baby, an online designer furniture website has launched a bespoke, cutting edge crib.  The crib contains innovative features that are designed to help little prince or princesses enjoy a comfortable, stress free introduction to the family. An online design brand has launched a pioneering crib ready for […]

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